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Class Action Lawsuit

VPOA Members,

VPOA is considering starting a class action lawsuit against the state over the eviction moratorium.
We are currently talking with an attorney and we are working together with the Jacksonville Florida
Network Association and the Osceola Association. If you are interested in more information and want
to support the lawsuit, please contact Nancy Wahby at
(386) 299-0078.

Thank you!

Eviction Restrictions Clarified
New CDC Restrictions On Evictions:  Simple & Fair
(Information provided by the Florida Landlord Network, and
we have been granted permission to use this content)
For more information, please visit:

Recently, landlords and renters heard that The Center for Disease
Control (CDC) issued a ruling that renters cannot be evicted
through the end of this year due to coronavirus.  However, that is
not what the ruling says.

The fact is this is a ruling every landlord can live with because it
only prohibits eviction of tenants who have truly been hit with
serious financial hardship because of the virus.  These are the
very people we are eager to help.  But, all other renters must pay
rent or face eviction.  

Here are the basic facts:

The Ruling Only Applies to Tenants Financially Impacted by
The eviction ban only applies to tenants who are unable to pay
rent due to COVID-19.  You may have noticed that unemployment
claims are way down over the past few weeks with an
unemployment rate of about 10% as of this writing.  That means
most of your tenants are employed.

Your Tenant Must Provide Proof They Cannot Pay
Exclusively Because of COVID-19
Every person who signed the lease must complete a Declaration
form. In it they must swear in that they've tried to get government
help but they cannot pay rent due because of COVID-19.  Some of
the acceptable reasons may be:  loss of income, loss of work hours
or wages, layoffs, or extraordinary out-of-pocket medical expenses.

Note:  We recommend a landlord include this Declaration form with
every 3-Day Notice.  If the tenant refuses to complete and sign it
then proceed with the eviction and let a Judge make a ruling.