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January 30, 2017 - Trey Harshaw, AllState Insurance Agency
Owner 1830 Orange Tree Dr.,  Edgewater, FL, 32132  T:386-
428-2484 F: 386-428-9151.  Will discuss renting to tenants who
do not carry renter's insurance, all peril, hurricane, and
wind/hail deductibles & exclusions, ownership types of
property, self insuring the property exposure, actual cash
value and replacement cost settlement issues, roof age and
other updates to properties.

March 27, 2017 - Christine Green, Housing Specialist of the
Rapid Re-housing Program which is an intervention designed
to help individuals and families to quickly exit homelessness
and return to permanent housing.  Rapid re-housing
assistance is offered without preconditions (such as
employment, income, absence of criminal record, or sobriety)
and the resources and services provided are typically tailored
to the unique needs of the household. For more informatIon,

May 22, 2017 (a week early due to Memorial Day) - Ari Morse
of Locators International, Inc., an investigation company.  Mr.
Morse will be discussing how to recover unpaid judgments,
how to get reimbursed for court costs, what fees and
information Locators International, Inc., requires to run a
background check, and how to report someone's adverse
credit to the Credit Bureaus.

July 31, 2017 - Neil Levitt.  His company is Your Public
Adjuster.  He is an insurance adjuster for property owners;
not insurance companies.  He evaluates damage from water,
roof leaks, wind/hurricane, flood damage, mold, fire damage,
theft, vandalism, malicious mischief, commercial loss and
loss of business income.
Laura Roth from the Volusia County Clerk's Office will also be
present to get  VPOA members' input on the changes they are
making to their E-Filing and eviction process.  Please be
present to add your input.

September 25, 2017  - Combined meeting on October 30, 2017

October 30, 2017 -
Nancy Wahby, President of VPOA, will
speak about Seven Biggest Landlord Traps.  There will be
time for an open forum to learn the current concerns of our
members and discuss problems the VPOA might want to
address in our community and local government.

November 27, 2017
- Combined meeting on October 30, 2017

No December Meeting due to holidays

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meetings and/or for LANDLORD 101 classes
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